The Complete Solution for Total Body Health Screening and Monitoring
Sensitiv Audit comprises a Software Lifestreamâ„¢ Program and Hardware Devices consisting of:
A Central Interface Unit, A Head Unit and Hand Sensors
The Five Star Health System is designed around Sensitiv Audit to connect medical and healthcare professionals who analyse data from the device, manage patients and provide medical consultations and specialist recommendations.
Sensitiv Audit is certified by ISO, FDA, and CE. It is inspired by cutting-edge high-speed technologies and is globally recognised by the scientific community.
Our Partners ALFA-MED LLC has produced diagnostic equipment such as Sensitiv Audit since 2001. With research and production facilities in Moscow and offices in Europe and the United States, Alfa-Med cooperates with several leading world research and medical institutes.
Examines all organs and systems at a cellular level
Establishes likely Diseases and Complications
Detects Microbes, Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi and Parasites
Locates hidden microbes in tissues
Determines the rate of inflammation and degeneration in organs
Performs Non-invasive Blood tests
Determines food and chemical sensitivities
Detects exposure to environmental toxins such as Lead, Mercury, Mycotoxins
Detects hereditary predisposition to diseases
Determines Acid-Alkaline balance in tissues
Determines the effects of harmful EMFs on tissues
Performs Body Composition Analysis to check Muscle and Fat Mass, Hydration Level, etc
Performs specialist examination of the heart and other organs
Acid Base Balance
Psychological stress levels
Genetic predisposition to diseases
Treats Nicotine Addiction