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Getting to the root cause of any disease, especially chronic diseases, requires examining the entire body because all the organs and systems are interconnected and work together.
To illustrate, chronic diseases of the digestive system may not necessarily stem from the stomach and intestines. They may arise from damages in the immune system that promotes the growth of microbes which in turn cause inflammation and diseases of the gut. A restriction of blood flow to the stomach and intestines due to atherosclerosis could also lead to gut problems. 

And then, there are environmental factors that also cause chronic digestive issues. Sensitivity to certain foods or even food additives which are chemicals added to processed foods may also cause digestive symptoms such as chronic stomach pain, bloating or even constipation. Even Nutrient deficiencies such as lack of magnesium can be the sole cause of chronic constipation. The mainstream healthcare system generally assumes that a symptom originates from the associated organ or region of the body, but this is not always the case.  

The Sensitiv Audit Scanner is unique because it investigates the entire body in order to pinpoint the hidden cause of a health problem. It examines the Stomach, Intestines, Liver, Kidneys, Heart, Brain and other organs in the body.

The scan searches the body to identify the likely diseases present, but most importantly, it pinpoints the hidden causes of those diseases, such as microbes, nutrient deficiencies, food allergens and even environmental contaminants. 

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 After the scan, doctors and healthcare specialists review the reports and make therapeutic and lifestyle recommendations to encourage the body’s healing processes.